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Promotional Items are the #1 most cost effective form of advertising.

Are you aware that you are 3 feet from a promotional item.  Why not make sure your clients are 3 feet from yours.

Here are a few reasons promotional items work. 

1.  Promotional products have high recall and increase brand awareness.
88% of people recall the company and brand on their promotional products

2.  Promotional products have a positive impact on attitudes and behavior. Their use has a strong correlation with customer acquisition and retention.
   85% of people did business with an advertiser as the result of receiving an item
   59% have a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving a product

3.  Promotional products are used in consumers’ daily life, increasing reach and brand awareness.
   8 out of 10 people own between 1 to 10 promotional products
   53% use a promo item at least once a week
   1 out of 4 walk around with promo products on or with them
   81% keep products because they’re useful

4. CLIENT VISITS COST- It cost you $60.00 to visit a local client and over $200 to set that appointment up.  If a person has to see you or hear your company 8 times, that's over $1000 just to secure the business.  Why not give them a $10.00 Tervis Quality Tumbler they will have on their desk, in their car and at home, or a t-shirt they will wear out in public, or a $30.00 golf shirt they will wear around the office.

5. OPEN LINES OF COMMUNICATION-If I give someone a flyer, they don't have time to talk to me.  However, if I give them a tumbler, they will allow me freedom to discuss my business.  

6. TRADE SHOW ATTENTION GETTERS- Want to get people to your booth.  Give away a tote bag, reusable custom logo solo cup, etc.  You are going to spend $3000-upwards of $20,000 to go to a trade show.  If you visit with 150 people and the show cost you $10,000.  That's almost $70.00 a visitor.  What's another $2.00 for a good quality promotional item.  

7. LONGEVITY- How long do you want your logo around?  A brochure will be pitched in 24 hours.  A nice tumbler, golf shirt, t shirt will last years.  According to L.J. Market Research, 71% of the participants said they had received a promotional product sometime in the last 12 months. But it gets better. Of that group, 33% of those participants had that product on their person! The number of impressions with traditional advertising stops when the ad stops running on TV or in the paper or wherever. Promotional products never stop collecting impressions because they are constantly in use or being passed from one person to another. The cost per impression using promotional items is drastically less than that of traditional advertising. - 

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