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A few Marketing Statistics/Ideas
1. 88% of people recall the company and brand on their promotional products
2. 85% of people did business with an advertiser as the result of receiving an ad specialty item
3. 1 out of 4 walk around with promotional products on or with them
4. 80% of paper business cards will never be seen again after first week.  80% of magnet cards will be seen multiple times after first week.
5. It takes a person 8 times to see the name of your company before they buy from you.  Many promotional items can be seen 4-5 times per day.
6. A flyer, brochure, or catalog will get seen only 1 or 2 times before it's pitched.  It cost $.50-$5.00 for a catalog.  A ad specialty item can cost anywhere from $.50 on up and get you exposed 10 times a week for years.
7. It cost $60.00-120.00 to visit a client 30 minutes away (on average).  If a client needs to be exposed to your name 8 times before they buy from you, that's 8 visits, and $960.00.  Give them a embroidered nice golf shirts, custom logo chip clip, screen printed t shirt, and get exposed more and not have to visit as much.
8. You have an 80% chance of either securing a deal or getting a quote if you give your clients an embroidered GOLF SHIRT.
9. Over 90% of catalogs, flyers, and brochures are thrown away within 24 hours. A $1.00 custom logo chip clip, $2.00 mouse pad, or other promotional item with your website could possibly be seen every day for years.
10. Custom logo Screen Printed t-shirts are rated #1 most cost effective form of advertising. They stay around for years and give you repeated exposure.
11. People are 2 times more likely to buy from a sales person who's given them a unique promotional item.
12. You have a 25% greater chance of securing the deal with a client with you leave a creative promotional item with a quote.  
13. A door hanger can cost anywhere from $.50-$1.25 with design, print, etc. and will be thrown away within 24 hours.  However, a custom logo tote bag or other ad specialty item will stay around for an average of 5 months.
14. People forget 90% of the information they saw at a show within 2 hours after leaving a show.  There is no way to recall that much information.  However, they will keep the tote bag, chip clip, flash light, coozie, etc. for months.
19.  Junk mail is a very poor form of advertising.  It can cost $.50-$1.25 for a junk mail piece and very few people will ever read it.  Plus they need to see your name 8 times.  If you spent $.50, 8 times, that's $4.00.  Instead, put a $1.00 custom logo chip clip or other ad specialty item in their paper box or hang a $1.50 tote bag on their door.    
20.  Ad specialty items are PERSONAL- A TV, Radio, Billboard, flyer, etc. lacks the ability to make a personal connection.  People buy using their 5 senses.  A promotional product is the only form of advertising that appeals to most of the 5 senses.
20. Magazine, Newspaper ads, etc. are very expensive and produce weak results.  It takes a person 8 times to see the name of your company before they buy from you (on average).  If you advertise in a magazine or newspaper, you have to expose that same person 8 times or more.  As a result, you'll have to buy more than 20 ads to target that same person.  If an ad cost you $1000.00, that's $20,000 and you are not guaranteed any results.  Put a chip clip, tote bag, or other ad specialty item in their paper box and only need to do it once.
21. The average promotional product last 5.4 months.  Catalogs, flyers, brochures, etc. only last 48 hours- 2 weeks max. 
22  TV and RADIO.  - TV and Radio are decent forms of advertising if you are trying to get 20 cars off your lot, or have an urgent deal.  However, it's very poor advertising long haul.  Read bottom example.

EXAMPLES: We recently ran in to a company in Evansville, IN who spends $125,000 a year on radio advertising to a city of approximately 200,000.  This company has been spending $125K for 15 years.  TOTAL SPENT-$1,875,000.  This same company could have bought over 500,000 custom logo screen printed  t shirts in Evansville for the same amount of money.  Each person they are targeting in Evansville could have had over 2 t-shirts each.  Instead, this company has NOTHING to show for their advertising.  Their $1.8 million is GONE, never to be seen again.   However, if he would have bought 500,000 t-shirts, they would have seen them all over town for years.  A t-shirt is a walking billboard.  He could have exposed his company name to several hundred thousand more people.

Screen Printing Destin, Panama City, Jacksonville, Etc.
I grew up in Evansville.  When I was in high school I remember seeing screen printed Destin T shirts, Panama City custom logo t shirts, and custom logo t shirts for Gulf shores.  I also remember seeing Fundpuckers t shirts over 20 years ago.  Giving your customers screen printed t shirts in Destin, Panama City, Orange Beach, Jacksonville or any other beach town is a great way to advertise.  A screen printed Destin, Panama City, Orange Beach  t shirt can be seen 500, 600, or over 1000 miles away.  Screen printing for Evansville, Destin, Panama City, Orange Beach, etc. makes much more sense than radio advertising, tv, billboards, etc.  


Tote bags/Beach Bags
Imagine if you had a business in Destin, FL and instead of spending $1.25 million in radio advertising you gave out over 1.25 million Destin beach bags, or Panama City Beach Bags.  How often do you think people would see your name?  A custom logo beach bag / tote bag is a great way to expose your name to 1000's of people.

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