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Screen Printed T Shirts are actually rated #1 most cost effective advertising tool to grow your business.  A Destin Florida Screen Printed T Shirt can be seen in Evansville, Indiana, Jacksonville, Florida, Nashville, TN, Orlando, FL and other parts of the globe.

NEED A GREAT DESIGN- Shirt Shack’s design team can give you a classy sophisticated screen printed t shirt design, or a loud, fun and over the top design.  Let us have fun with your screen printed t shirt design. 

Here are a few marketing tips for your custom logo screen printed t shirts.

1.     DON’T GO CHEAP- Many companies quote you a cheap 100% cotton screen printed t shirt for your Destin business.  A cheap 100% cotton t shirt may only last 6 months.  However, spend another $.50-$3.00 and get a good quality custom logo screen printed t shirt can last up to 6-10 years or more.  If you had to buy a billboard in Destin, Panama City, Ft. Walton, etc. and it cost you $1000 a month, or $2000 for 3 years, what would you do?  You’d spend a little more and get something that last.

2.     DESIGN A COOL SHIRT- Many businesses don’t have a cool logo.  Don’t settle for a mediocre design for your Destin, Panama City, Ft. Walton, Seaside business.  Let us take your logo and give it some spark.  Nobody wants to wear a boring screen printed t shirt.  If you want your screen printed Destin, Panama City, Orange Beach, Seaside, custom logo screen printed t shirt seen in Evansville, Nashville, Orlando or any other place, it needs to be fun, loud, creative, or unique.  Let our custom designers come up with something fun.

3.     PARTNER WITH SCHOOLS/MINOR LEAGUES- Maybe you’re a plumbler, realtor, builder and don’t have a unique logo.  Ask any Destin School or find a minor league team.  Put their logo on the front of the shirt, and your Destin business logo on the back.  People may not wear your company logo, but they will a local sports team, school, etc.

4.     SPONSOR A RACE OR LOCAL DESTIN EVENT- Destin, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Panama City, etc. all have big races, parades, boating events, etc.  Offer to help any of those Destin organizations design a t shirt for them.  Go all out with fun colors.  Then put your Destin, Florida business logo on the back.

5.     LOUD COLORS- People often want to save a dime by getting a white t shirt.  We give out neon colored shirts with bright colors all over the front and back.  Our Shirt Shack logo is so fun people ask for our shirts regularly.  Put your Destin, Panama City, Ft. Walton company logo on a loud color shirt and get the exposure you need.  Why not turn a few heads.

6.     MAKE MONEY- There is a business in Panama City who makes over $500,000 just on selling t shirts.  Why not make some serious money selling t shirts in your Destin, Panama City, Orange Beach, Seaside,  store, restaurant, etc.  Even a real estate agent, plumber, etc. can come up with a fun enough screen printed t shirt people will want to buy your shirt.  We have a local HVAC company in Evansville, Indiana who has a shirt that says, “YOUR WIFE IS HOT… BETTER FIX THE AC”.  Everyone wants one.  Let us help you come up with a fun design for your Destin, Panama City, Alys Beach, etc. business. 

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